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FR 162 Avocet

Avocet was built in 1988 at Abroath, Scotland


Seen here in June 2013 at Fraserburgh

Scottish fishing boat FR 162 Avocet at Fraserburgh Scotland 2013




KW 43 Saturnus


The Katwijk registered Dutch beam trawler is seen her in September 2012 at Macduff, Scotland awaiting conversion to a scallop dredger


Saturnus was built in 1990 at Den Helder

Dutch beam trawler fishing boat KW 43 Saturnus at Macduff Scotland 2012





INS 16  Steadfast

 at Portmahomack in March 2013

Steadfast is one of  hundreds of small boats that fish around the Scottish coast for crabs and lobsters

The lobster pots (creels) are stacked on the walkway and will be taken a short distance offshore and dropped on to the seabed

Steadfast was built in 2011 and is just under 6 metres long

Small scottish inshore fishing boat INS 16 Steadfast at Portmahomack Scotland 2013

 Here are some more of my photographs

Scottish fishing boat KY 88 Sedulous at Pittenweem 1977

Scottish fishing boat BCK 108 Gallic May at Ayr 1979

Scottish fishing boat KY 243 Falcon at Lower Largo 1979

Scottish fishing boat LH 84 Nora at North Berwick 1979

Scottish fishing boat K 95 at Newhaven 1979

Scottish fishing boat KY 319 Mary Jane at Crail 1974

Portuguese fishing boat LG-390-C Maria Judite at Luz, Portugal 1983

Portuguese fishing boat LG-91-C Pombo at Lagos Portugal

English fishing boat LR 159 Molly at Lancaster 1980

 Scottish fishing boat UL 45 Lindenise at Ullapool 1985

 Scottish fishing boat K85 Lindenise at Scrabster 1994

 Scottish fishing boat KY 297 Gratitude at Crail 1974

 Scottish fishing boat BA 138 Jacana at Greenock July 1978

 Scottish seine net fishing boat FR 362 Linarolynn at Fraserburgh 1982






 English fishing boat GY 293 Rasmine at Grimbsy, date unknown

Scottish fishing boat KY 23 Antares at Anstruther 1974

Scottish fishing boat KY 23 Antares at Anstruther 1982

Scottish fishing boat KY 23 Antares at Anstruther 1988

 German fishing boat NC 318 Jan Mees at Lauwersoog 1990

 English fishing boat GY 382 Genara at Grimsby

 English fishing boat GY 382 Genara on repair slip at Grimsby

small Scottish fishing boat BF 31 St. Kilda at Fraserburgh 1987

 Scottish fishing boat BCK 1 Sharoba at Buckie 1993

 Scottish fishing boat AH 7 Kestrel at Arbroath 1993

Scottish fishing boat KY 118 Orion II at Pittenweem 1988

 Scottish fishing boat LK 136 Ascona at Shetland 1995

 Scottish fishing boat AH 69 Silver Crest at Arbroath 1985

Fishing boat GY 277 Kesteven at Grimsby

Fishing boat GY 277 Kesteven on slipway at Grimsby

 Scottish fishing boat BF 11 Surveillance at Fraserburgh 1992

Scottish fishing boat BF 65 Press on at Fraserburgh 1998

 Scottish fishing boat A 380 Boy John at Sandhaven 1994

 Spanish fishing boat MA-1-769 2a Calandra at Marbella 1987

Scottish fishing boat LH 203 Gill Too at Berwick on Tweed 1986

Scottish fishing boat BA 46 Replenish at Troon 1981







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