Lockheed HC-130H

US Air Force Reserve

At Prestwick airport, Scotland

September 1986


65-0964 Lockheed Hercules at Prestwick airport Scotland 1986


XX 662


Scottish Aviation

Bulldog T1


This aircraft crashed in February1982 (no casualties)

The remains are seen here at the Scottish Aviation factory, Prestwick

March 1986

XX 662 wreckage of Scottish Aviation Bulldog T1 training aircraft at Prestwick Scotland 1986


XL 391

Avro Vulcan B2

This is the flight deck, seen here at Blackpool airport September 1986

I also have photos of the electronics cabin and bomb aimers compartment

This aircraft was broken up and scrapped in 2006

I can just about understand the flight controls and instruments of a Piper Cub but how did anyone ever manage to sit here and fly this !

Flight deck Avro Vulcan XL 391 at Blackpool airport England 1986


 Here are some more of my photographs

 XV 752 Harrier GR3 of RAF on display Bletchley Park 2008

 Northrop Tiger 2 "684" of Bahrain Air Force at Prestwick Scotland 1986