In selecting photographs for my collection, several photographs may be available. After the negatives are sorted

and catalogued, surplus negatives are sometimes available.


All negatives offered for sale are good quality, correctly exposed, sharp images, and are originals, not copies.

Negatives are supplied as a single negative, and except where marked in the catalogue, all negatives are 35mm format. 

Negative types are marked on each line.


C = Colour    M  = Monochrome (Black and White). S = Colour Slide


As much information as possible is given about the date and location of the negative, but in some cases, where the

photograph has not been taken by me, the information may not be available. The catalogue entry lists all data known.





Only limited numbers of negatives are available - in many cases there is only a single surplus negative.

Although each negative is an unique work of art, negatives taken at the same time may show a very similar view,

and may be similar to the photograph which has been retained for sale in my catalogue of  photographs.


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The sale of the negative includes the sale of the copyright.  All rights are transferred and you are free to

reproduce, sell, copy, etc the negative or photographs produced from it.




The price of each negative (or colour slide) is 5.00.  Postage to a UK address is free of charge. 

Customers outside the UK please add 3.00 to total costs for airmail post and packing.

Official purchase orders are accepted from Museums and Government Departments.


UK Customers please send cheque with order or pay by credit card to my email address using Paypal.


Overseas customers please pay only by credit card to my email address using Paypal

(Paypal is free for buyers - full information at www.paypal.com). 


Please do not send cash in the post.




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