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The Passengers

Ebro Apron Bus

 Palma Airport Mallorca, Spain

July 1985



Palma airport Mallorca Spain.  airport passenger bus


The Crew

Ford Transit Crewbus

British Airways

Edinburgh Airport, Scotland May 1994

Ford Transit crew bus  British Airways Edinburgh airport Scotland 1994


The Ground Handlers

Unglamorous, Usually unseen, but vital

Ford sewage truck servicing aircraft at

Edinburgh Airport Scotland May 1995

aircraft servicing truck  Edinburgh airport Scotland 1995


Here are some more of my airport vehicle photographs

Bedord Fire Tender Harvardfordwest Airport 1986

Loganair Land Rover at Tingwall Airport Shetland 1994

Volkswagen Polo of Sabena Airlines at Schipol Airport 1994

Volkswagen Caravelle of KLM Airlines at Schipol Airport 1994

Ford Cargo  catering truck of Alpha Flight Services at Manchester Airport 1994

Ford refuelling tanker : Roberson : Baltasound Airport Shetland 1995