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Scottish fishing boat CY 341 Laurel at Inverness




CY 341 Laurel

The Castlebay registered trawler Laurel is seen here at Muirton basin, Inverness, Scotland, in October 2008, waiting to pass through the Caledonian Canal


Laurel was built in 1992 at Buckie, on the east coast of Scotland

Scottish fishing boat BA 382 Venture on repair slipway at Macduff 1988



BA 382 Venture

on the repair slipway at Macduff, May 1988.   Note the unsupported trestles and unguarded platforms used by the painters.  Health and Safety has changed a lot since 1988,  and work done today uses much safer access lifts and scaffolding.

Note also the difference in design for Venture, built in 1958 – small wheelhouse and open deck working compared to Laurel above, with a large wheelhouse to accommodate modern electronics and full shelter for crew working on deck

Scottish fishing boat BF 432 Orion at Macduff



BF 432  Orion

This is the same repair yard at Macduff as “Venture” shown above,  but this photograph is from August 2014

Note the much safer working conditions compared to the 1988 photograph

The ship is supported on a much larger cradle, the workman using a sander on the hull is standing on a mobile access platform, the ladder at the stern has handrails, and there is a work platform suspended from a crane


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fishing port registraton letters and numbers

fishing port registraton letters and numbers

fishing port registraton letters and numbers

fishing port registraton letters and numbers

fishing port registraton letters and numbers



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