Military Aircraft Photographs

G-BFIR Avro Anson (painted as WD 413 of RAF Transport Command) at Prestwick Scotland 1985


Civil G-BFIR


Avro Anson C21

painted as

WD 413 of RAF Transport Command



August 1985


The Avro Anson dates from 1935, and over 11,000 were built before production ceased.


Most were used as training aircraft or transport/communications

WD 413 was built in 1950


G-31-656 BAe Jetstream Royal Navy under construction Prestwick Scotland 1986


G – 31 - 656

Newly built Jetstream T3 of the Royal Navy is seen here in the flight shed at BAe Prestwick carrying civil “class 2” registration letters

This aircraft was delivered to the Royal Navy with the military registration ZE 439

Sister Jetstream G -31- 647 is just out of shot on the right


Prestwick, Scotland March 1986 


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