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Danish taker, built 1975


Leaving Grangemouth, Scotland, having loaded a cargo from the BP oil refinery



May 1978


Fredensborg  Danish tanker at Grangemouth Scotland 1978









Built 1971


Seen here at Scrabster, Scotland July 1994 when used on the Orkney ferry route

P & O car ferry "St Ola" at Scrabster Scotland 1971







General cargo ship

Built 1967


Seen here off Greenock, Firth of Clyde, Scotland



August 1979


cargo ship Booker Viking at Greenock Scotland 1979

Cargo ship American Harvester at Barry Docks 1966

Cargo ship Halience at Leith 1967

Tanker Texaco New Mexico at Fawley 1969

Doric Ferry in Firth of Clyde at Greenock 1978

Cargo ship Ruth Graef at Grangemouth Scotland 1978

Tanker Esso Severn in Firth of Clyde at Greenock 1980




Cargo ship Nordmark IMO No. 7501792 at Greenock October 1988

 Car ferry Bigga at Belmont Shetland 2016

 Norholm at Lerwick Shetland 2016





 Sheltand Island Council ferry Grima at Lerwick 1992








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