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Buckie Fisheries Heritage Centre

Specialist data on fishing in the north east of Scotland

Eyemouth Harbour

Uniquely positioned on Scotland’s south-east coast, the harbour has long been a strategically important base and stopping-off point for all kinds of boats, businesses and people.


Fishing Boat Heritage

We have a rich heritage in our communities, families and boats which have committed to the UK fishing industry over the past 150 years. Fishing Boat Heritage has been created to provide a single easily accessed archive before much of this is lost forever.  If you are interested in the industry, the boats or perhaps your own family's history, Fishing Boat Heritage will provide an invaluable resource.

Fraserburgh Harbour

Scottish east coast harbour with a large fishing fleet 

Maggie Law Maritime Museum

Museum in the small fishing village of Gourdon on Scottish east coast.  The museum is dedicated to an early lifeboat, but has many artifacts and information from the local fishing fleet


Mallaig Harbour

West coast fishing port and gateway to the Western Islands

Mother of All Maritime Links

Huge listing of links to every type of maritime interest


Museum of Scottish Lighthouses

based in the bustling fishing port of Fraserburgh consists of the first lighthouse built on mainland Scotland and a purpose-built museum. The highlight of a visit is a 45-minute guided tour to Kinnaird Head lighthouse.

Peterhead Harbour

Scottish east coast harbour with major fishing and oil support services

Ports and Harbours of the UK

This web site lists over 950 ports, harbours, jetties and piers around the coastline of the UK, of which more than half are in Scotland. Much of the information for each location is historical, but in some cases up-to-date information is provided on current usage, access etc.

Scottish Creel Fisherman’s Federation

SCFF is the national trade association for the creel fishing industry, a traditional and sustainable form of coastal fishing for shell fish that supports more jobs around the coastline of Scotland than any other type of fishery

Scottish Fisheries Museum

Good source for all Scottish Fishing history

Scottish Maritime Museum

Based in the West of Scotland, with sites at Irvine and Dumbarton. The Museum holds a nationally recognised collection of historic ships, artefacts, shipbuilding machinery, photographs and documents

Scottish Fishing Boat Models

Inspired by the traditional Fishing Boats of Scotland's Moray Firth, Edward Smith crafts by hand a range of Fishing Boat Models and Prints. This website provides an introduction to the range of Models and Prints, including descriptions and photographs, as well as an insight into the working boats which inspired the range.  

Scrabster Harbour

On the far north coast of the Scottish Mainland. Important fishing harbour and the gateway to the Northern Islands

Swan LK243  

The swan was launched in 1900. She was one of the finest boats among the Scottish fishing fleet, and was the largest ever built at Lerwick in Shetland




Waverley is one of the world’s greatest historic ships – the last sea-going paddle steamer in the world – magnificently restored with towering funnels, timber decks and gleaming varnish and brass. You can see and hear the mighty steam engines as they propel the paddles that take Waverley majestically through the sea.