Transport Photographs

Mostly aircraft and airport ground handling

vehicles + some road and rail vehicles


Gloster Saro airport fire tender Prestwick Scotland 1985


ACD 899Y

Gloster Saro Javelin

Fire Tender

Prestwick Airport

August 1985 


refulling aircraft Edinburgh airport Scotland.  Seddon Atkinson tanker of Air BP and Jetstream G-LOGT of Loganair


EYK 344V

Seddon Atkinson refuelling tanker

Air BP

Refuelling Loganair Jetstream 31  G-LOGT at Edinburgh Airport September 1992




Aircraft photo collections are mostly just that - aircraft ! However, there are many interesting vehicles used for aircraft ground handling, and I have recorded some of these while waiting for photos of aircraft.  This list also includes a few other road and rail vehicles

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