HMS Porpoise

Seen here in the Gareloch, Scotland March 1985


and yes, the colour balance is correct ! it really is a red submarine

Porpoise is seen here before being deliberately sunk in October 1985 as a target.

The red colour is to assist in locating the target

Royal Navy submarine HMS Porpoise with unusual red paintwork  in Gareloch Scotland 1985


HMS Maidstone

Submarine depot ship

Built 1938, survived service in World War 2, and is seen here being broken up for scrap in July 1978


Inverkeithing, Scotland

Royal Navy submarine depot ship HMS Maidstone in scrapyard at Inverkeithing Scotland 1978



Landing ship


Built for Iran in 1980 at Yarrows shipyard on the River Clyde, Scotland

Delivery was delayed for political reasons, and she is seen here in August 1982

Delivery was finally made in 1984, and the ship is still in service with the Iranian navy

Iranian landing ship Lavan awaiting delivery River Clyde Scotland 1982




 Here are some older photographs

Aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal laid up at Portsmouth 1979

aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal in tow to shipbreaker's yard 1980

aircraft carrier Ark Royal in scrapyard, part broken up, 1980

RMAS Navy fleet tender GNAT Firth of Clyde 1978

HMS Warspite Royal Navy battleship aground Cornwall April 1947

Dom Jeremais survey ship Portuguese Navy July 1984

Portuguese submarine Barracuda at Rosyth Navy day 1981

Portuguese frigate Almirante Maghalhaes Correa at Portsmouth 1977


Metropolitan Police lauch Gabriel Franks II at Wapping,  London 2019

 Scrabster pilot boat " Venture " at Scrabster, Scotland, August 2021

 Aberdeen Pilot launch "Sea Haven" at Aberdeen Scotland May 2016